Tony Katai is an American photographer, cinematographer and director. He is perhaps best known for directing some episodes of Computer Show, as well as the shorts "Everybody Wants it All" and "AMANITA" that used to be on his YouTube channel, XVTVI (KATAI). He has allegedly heard some of the material Mars recorded for her then-planned solo album, Guppy. It's likely that they have not interacted at all since "AMANITA" was filmed in December of 2015.


Tony was 18 years of age when Mars and Titanic met him in Detroit in 2009, and he would soon direct many of their Computer Show videos and work on cinematography for other videos, including the music videos for "Mrs. Stadler", "Love in Black and White" and "Runaway Runaway". He is formerly associated with another photographer, Matthew Franklin, who also helped in the cinematography of the former two videos.

Tony and Mars were close friends leading up to the filming of "AMANITA" in December 2015, a video that wouldn't be released for almost a full year, and in 2016 and 2017 he has made insulting remarks about her on Instagram livestreams. After Mars striked down both of the two major videos they made together in 2017, Tony has reuploaded them on numerous occasions. He has also sold merchandise including prints and DVDs of "Everybody Wants it All", which was arguably his most popular video prior to its deletion.