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"The Singularity Is Near" is the opening song by Mars Argo on their debut album Technology Is a Dead Bird. It introduces the character of Connie, who is an artificial intelligence narrating the story of the album. It was heavily inspired by the 2005 Raymond Kurzweil book of the same name, The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology.

The song samples the piano melody of "Electric Car", another song by Mars Argo that was intended for the album but didn't make the cut.

Music video

A music video for the song was realeased on July 11, 2009, intended as a teaser for the album.


The video starts with Mars finding Connie abandoned in the forest. She turns up the volume as Connie is palying the song. She grabs Connie and runs out of the forest. The last scenes are text announcing that the song will be included in the Technology is a Dead Bird album.


My life is an integrated circuit
I’m inside of my human body but I don’t feel it yet
We all thought 2012 would be so much more dramatic
Something religious or sacred
Things were more laughable back then
Back when I was a text message
We’re going to be plugging in our brains soon
And nothing will stop the human race from racing
We’ll all be inside containers chasing
Anything they put in front of us with a pretty logo on it
It’s the Internet
It exists and people are not going insane