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Technology Is a Dead Bird is the debut studio album by Mars Argo. It was digitally released by Grocerybag on November 6, 2009.[1]


In early 2008, singer-songwriter Brittany Sheets and video director Corey Mixter began dating after meeting on MySpace, and started to collaborate on video content for YouTube and Vimeo, with Mixter adopting the pseudonym Titanic Sinclair and Sheets later becoming Mars Argo, the latter also being used as their overall project title.

The duo wiped all of their early content off of the internet once YouTube instated their guidelines against copyright infringement, producing new videos as grocerybagdottv with original background music. They decided to become an official band after positive reception to the music by online commenters.[2]

Release and promotion

Argo and Sinclair began recording a series of piano concept demos in October, 2008, some of which later developing into full length songs such as "Welcome to the Future" and "Electric Car".

The album's title was first announced in the video "Paper Airplane", a Video Blog episode revealing an early instrumental for a later scrapped song from the record, "You Have a Lot of Work to Do", on March 12, 2009. Demos and instrumental versions of other songs recorded for the album were previewed in similar uploads from that year.

A music video for "Tired Today" was debuted on March 18, 2009,[3] using an alternate version of the song with a guitar-only ending. Similar music videos were released for "The Singularity is Near" and "Monsters Under My Bed" on July 10 and September 9 of that year respectively, intended as trailers to promote the album.[4][5]

The album was released to Bandcamp on November 6, 2009,[1] as well as to iTunes on November 22.[6][7] Footage of the cover photoshoot was used in a short teaser video, "MARSARGO DOT BANDCAMP DOT COM", posted on the initial album release date. An instrumental-only edition of the album was released on December 11,[8] promoted with the video "Our Songs in Your Videos" and, as referenced, intended to be played in the background of fellow YouTubers' uploads under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

A music video for the song "Mrs. Stadler" was filmed almost a year later with cinematographers Matthew Franklin and Tony Katai, and was released on November 11, 2010.[9]

In 2015, Mars deleted the album from the band's iTunes page, probably to cut ends with Titanic.

Internet Sessions

Main article: Internet Sessions

Argo and Sinclair began releasing acoustic performance videos of songs shortly before the album release, beginning with "Machine" on October 14, 2009, and followed up with "Suicide Birds" on December 17. Videos for live acoustic demos of outtake "Electric Car" and a rewritten "Technology Is a Dead Bird" at Groovemaster Studios were also uploaded in June 2010.[10] All four of these recordings were later gathered and released in an audio-only format as the Internet Sessions EP on August 18.[11]

Critical reception

Reviews of Technology Is a Dead Bird were mixed. Charlie O'Shea of Indie Music Finds wrote an article about the album on the day of its release, praising it's "subtly haunting" music style.[12] Chris Coplan of Consequence of Sound reviewed the album one month after it came out, giving it a C- score and somewhat admiring the dynamic between the duo on "Mrs. Stadler" and the title track, but criticizing "Machine" and "Tired Today".[13]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "The Singularity is Near"   0:59
2. "Suicide Birds"   3:12
3. "Mrs. Stadler"   3:26
4. "Machine"   3:23
5. "Monsters Under My Bed"   1:02
6. "Technology Is a Dead Bird"   3:55
7. "Sideways and Sideways"   2:26
8. "You Don't Know Me Anymore"   4:44
9. "Feeling Welcome in a Time Warp"   0:39
10. "Tired Today"   3:04
Total length:




  • Mars Argo - vocals (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10); piano (tracks 1, 5); guitar (tracks 2, 8)
  • Titanic Sinclair - vocals (tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 10); guitar (tracks 3, 4, 6, 10); production (all tracks)
  • Jesse Meyer - additional production (track 2)
  • Justin McGrath - additional production (track 8)


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