Sunrise Kingdom is a 2016 short film directed by Hiroya Brian Nakano. It was released on January 8, 2016 as a promotional video for the fashion brand Little Sunny Bite's 2016 Spring-Summer collection. It was one of their three videos featuring Mars Argo as a voice actress. It's the only one to be made as a proper short film.

It was very loosely based off of the 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom, directed by Wes Anderson. The making of the short was announced in Mars' interview with Nylon Japan in 2015.


The film is about a fifteen-year-old girl, Sunny (Alissa Yagi/Mars Argo), who is preparing to reunite with her childhood best friend, Daniel (Choi Yeon Kyu), whom she claims to not have seen in ten years. She spends her morning trying on different outfits for the event whilst wondering what he's grown to become.



It should be like any other morning, but today is a little different. The sound of the birds chirping sound like a song, and the rays of light from the sun look like a sparkling spotlight, just like that day ten years ago. I have been waiting for this day so long. The sounds of the hands of the clock overlap with the beating of my heart. The pounding sounds combine and become engraved in my heart.

We were childhood friends. Ten years ago, we climbed trees everyday, made a secret base, and slipped out of our houses together in the middle of the night. Daniel never said much, but he always grabbed my hand and pulled me alongside him. I'll never forget his smile when he caught that big fish in the river.

Now, I'm already fifteen. I prepared white flowers and tried on a red dress. Am I cute? Thinking about how I will be able to meet Daniel, who I've wanted to see for so long. An indescribable feeling comes up. Should I play it cool, or should I be cute? What side would be better to show? What was I like, ten years ago? But more than that, Daniel. What kind of guy has he become? I wonder if he grew to be tall, or who knows, maybe he's chubby. Or, he might have become handsome, like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Daniel doesn't say anything. Why doesn't he say anything? I'm so nervous, I can't meet his eyes. He's definitely taller than me. But not quite Leonardo. Oh, these flowers, I owe you from ten years ago. What are those sunglasses he's wearing? He's trying to be cool. But actually, it is kind of cool. No, the Daniel I see is different from what I was imagining this morning. But the Daniel I finally meet is so very nice.

Let's hold onto this moment, and run together as if we are filling those lost ten years. I wonder if we can spend our time together like this from now on. Daniel, when I'm with you, I can be myself. This is great, isn't it? Lets laugh together. I love laughing, Daniel. For me, Sunny, this is a free and charming presence, like a mermaid. Then and now, that side of her hasn't changed. I also have been waiting so long to see you. By the time I noticed we were far apart, and you were gone as if you swam away, with that clear blue fin. When Sunny's laughing, I am happy. You give me my smile. This is the story about me and Daniel.