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You are reading the page dedicated to 2012 scrapped album. You may have been wanting to read about the 2014 version or upcoming solo album with a similar name.

Second Studio Album, possibly titled 2012, 112212 or The Medicine Man, in this case refers to the second album by the band Mars Argo, slated for a release on November 22, 2012, but delayed for unknown reasons. The album received major changes after the duo's move to Los Angeles and subsequent replacement of band members, which can be seen in a separate page here.


The possibility of a second album was first mentioned in a 2010 Facebook post, where Mars replied "tba" to a fan asking when it would be released.[1] She also stated to "wait for the LP" when a fan asked why "Electric Car" and "Spider in My Bathtub" weren't on the Linden Place EP in 2011.[2]

Mars and Titanic confirmed in an interview with FearlessRadio on February 17, 2012, that they had been reworking and rerecording old songs with Johnny K at Groovemaster Studios for over a year and a half.[3] Titanic confirmed to Twitter on October 22, 2012, that he had started working on final mixes for the album.[4]

The first official album announcement came with Computer Show episode, "WINSTON IN A HOT DOG SUIT", revealing a November 2012 release date and an early version of the era's 'Sad Heart' logo. Titanic confirmed the record to be a 'full-length LP' in the subsequent episode, "LA or BUST". The same video announced his and Mars' plans to relocate to Los Angeles, California, and get a new band together.

Despite previous indications of a November release, no word on the album was shared around the announced date, and the lead single "Runaway Runaway" was released to YouTube on November 18, 2012, and later Bandcamp, on December 14, 2012.[5]

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