Ordinary Lovers is a 2017 drama short film directed by John Markland. Mars Argo has a cameo role in the film as a cafe patron, credited under her real name as Brittany Sheets. Filming began in early 2017 and ended on April 1st. The short film premiered at the Chelsea Film Festival on October 20th, 2017 and was released to YouTube on March 28, 2018.


The official description for the plot on IMDb describes it as "When two former lovers share a chance encounter at a cafe, memories of their affair come flooding back."


  • Roberto Santos as Larry
  • Diane Marshall-Green as Alice
  • Jacob Zachar as Jake
  • Derek Classen as Cafe Patron
  • Adan Garay as Cafe Patron
  • Haven Howell as Cafe Patron
  • Brittany Sheets as Cafe Patron
  • Adriana James as Restaurant Patron
  • Angelina Jiries as Restaurant Patron
  • Ivan Leung as Restaurant Patron
  • Allyson Reilly as Restaurant Patron
  • Alexandra Nicole Ruben as Restaurant Patron
  • Chad Skala as Restaurant Patron
  • Shelby Spalione as Restaurant Patron
  • Cadence Whittle as Restaurant Patron