"Mrs. Stadler" is a song by Mars Argo. It is featured as the third track on their debut album Technology Is a Dead Bird, and was released as a music video on November 11, 2010.[1]


Being one of the first songs written for the album, the lyric "I come in peace to drink your wine and find myself in photographs" was interpolated into the descriptions of early grocerybagdottv uploads, "Our First Video" and "Art School", in 2009. An unfinished demo of the song was previewed in "Playing in a Cemetery with Mars Argo", the final teaser before the album's release. A music video for the song was released over a year later, on November 11, 2010, making "Mrs. Stadler" considerable as the final single from the record.

The song is widely assumed to be based on an important person or possible mentor to Mars, characterized as "Mrs. Stadler", who metaphorically taught her to paint. The lyrics suggest that the mentor is battling cancer or a similar disease, and Mars quickly notices the changes in her appearance from this. The music video was theorized on Mars' Reddit community to take place after she has already died, likely during the funeral reception, where the other guests are too self-indulged to pay their respects to the deceased woman.[2]


Mrs. Stadler, won't you teach me how to paint?
To paint, today
Mrs. Stadler, won't you teach me how
Mrs. Stadler, your hair is turning gray
I heard about your cells today
I didn't want to leave that way, oh, oh, oh

If you see me again, will you still be my friend?
Why must we grow older, older?
And when we meet again, just after freedom ends
When the world is almost over, over
Will everything still be the same?

(Bum, bum, bum...)
I come in peace
To drink your wine
And find myself in photographs
We're all crossing
The starting line
It hurts my back to think of it
I wanna leave
This place and time

Mrs. Stadler taught me to paint
She taught me to live my own way
I've got a feeling, it's so hard to say
But your life will happen anyway, oh, oh

Mrs. Stadler taught me to paint
She taught me to live my own way
I've got a feeling, it's so hard to say
But your life will happen anyway, oh, oh

Music video

The song's music video was released on November 11, 2010.[1] It was directed by Matthew Franklin and Tony Katai, and produced by Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair.

The video begins with Mars looking through the window of a dollhouse, before posing and singing in darkened rooms of her family home as the song begins. A prominent scene throughout the video depicts Mars attending a dinner with her family, as well as Titanic, whom she is later seen undressing in one of the bedrooms. A deleted scene of the video shows Sinclair walking around Saginaw in a brown coat, which has only been discovered through promotional images released by Katai.

Photos from the video were later used to promote the Linden Place EP in 2011, one in particular becoming the re-release and "Love in Black and White" cover artworks.

Promotional photos by Tony Katai and Matthew Franklin


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