Mars Argo is the first compilation album by the band Mars Argo. It was released on March 23, 2012 and features four songs from Linden Place, two songs from Internet Sessions, one song from Technology Is a Dead Bird, one song from the Titanic Sinclair album Thick Jello, and two non-album songs. It is the only Mars album to have been available in CD format, and was exclusively available through the band's Big Cartel page.

The album was the only time that the song "Nothing Without You" has been available for purchase, making it the only place the song could be listened to in it's original quality. The CDs were handmade by Mars Argo, with a plain white cover and a black logo spray-painted over it. Various stickers were placed on the CD and packaging. The tracklist was written in pen on a piece of lined paper.


No. Title Length
1. "Formal Girl"   3:58
2. "Love in Black and White"   3:28
3. "Beauty Is Empty"   3:50
4. "Using You"   3:47
5. "Machine (acoustic)"   2:02
6. "Suicide Birds"   3:12
7. "Nothing Without You"   4:33
8. "Runaway Runaway"   4:09
9. "Everything Turns to Gold (acoustic)"   3:31
10. "Throw Your Thoughts Away"   3:14