Mars Argo's diary is a journal that she and Titanic each read a page of in the seventeenth Computer Show episode, "Ask Me a Fcking Question". It's girly with a pink cover and pages. The pages used in the episode are a reference to "Open Up the Door in Your Head", a song that was performed exclusively in their Bedrock.LA set. Titanic plays the guitar while the both of them are reading.


Page 1 (Read by Titanic Sinclair)

I feel the way Georgia looks on a map
Scene stolen in stale city skylines
Are we there yet?
My emotions lead me every 45 minutes on a train
And the screaming is imaginary
Open up the door in your head, less talking
Open up the door in your head

Page 2 (Read by Mars Argo)

She said she can't see their faces
And when she smiles, she falls through the ceiling
She is the only one in the back seat
Running from the screaming
Afraid of never feeling what it's like
She said "Open the door to your head"