"Machine" (also known as "Machine Machine Machine") is a song by Mars Argo. The song was first uploaded as an acoustic performance uploaded onto the Grocerybag YouTube channel on October 14th, 2009 and was later featured as the fourth track on their debut album, Technology Is a Dead Bird, and the first track on the live acoustic EP, Internet Sessions. In an early version of the song, the album narrator Connie has an ending monologue.

In a throwback tweet by Titanic, he stated that it is one of the first songs he wrote with Mars, and that it's about "the apocalypse".[1]


Why can't I see you?
You took me to a place that wasn't safe
For me and you

We saw the Milky Way at night
You put up a fight with me
Now we're leaving

What happened to the Monday nights?
We would fall asleep at three
I think that we could be the same

I think I'm insane
My brain is telling me
I'm a machine

Machine, machine

My friend's got a forty with his fifty on
Said the world's gonna end but I think he's wrong

I know it's true
The things I do for you and me
Now we're leaving

Machine, machine
Machine, machine
Machine, machine
Machine, machine
Machine, machine
Machine, machine

Connie Monologue

We're all suckers to technology.
Admiring the next thing that just happened.
Where are my devices?
Where is my email and contacts?
I want them now.
I need them.
Where is my wi-fi?
On an airplane?
Perspective is everything, then it changes with us here.
Everything is happening so fast, and yet, nothing is happening.
We are a nothing world, with nothing degrees, working nothing jobs, creating nothing, while going nowhere achieving nothing in an infantry of nothing.
I want off of this angry planet, I want to be reprogrammed immediately.


  1. @titanicsinclair (June 28, 2013). "Here is an oldie.  This is one of the first songs I ever wrote with @marsargo. It is about the apocolypse." Twitter. Retrieved September 8, 2018.