John Karkazis, better known as Johnny K, is a Chicago-based producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter. He owns Groovemaster Studios in Chicago, Illinois, where he recorded and produced many Mars Argo songs, including the single version of "Using You", as well as "Love in Black and White". The 'Blue Room' of his studio was also used for acoustic demos included on the 2010 EP, Internet Sessions.

Karkazis is mainly known for his work with famous rock bands including the Plain White Ts and Finger Eleven, producing smash hits such as the formers' "Our Time Now" and the latters' "Paralyzer".

Mars and Titanic confirmed in a 2012 interview with FearlessRadio that they were working with him to rerecord and remix older songs that had previously been recorded in their bedroom for Technology Is a Dead Bird and Linden Place. This began in 2010 and presumably ended in 2012, just prior to their move to Los Angeles. These songs were intended for use on the second studio album by the band, which was later delayed and cancelled.

Work with Mars Argo

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