Groovemaster is a 40,000-square-foot music recording studio in Chicago, Illinois, owned and largely built by mixer and producer Johnny K. He has used the studio to work with famous bands such as Finger Eleven and Plain White T's. Following a Grammy nomination for "Producer of the Year" in 2009, he began working with the band Mars Argo for their later delayed and cancelled second studio album.

In the studio's 'Blue Room', Mars and Titanic Sinclair recorded the official acoustic versions of "Electric Car" and "Technology Is a Dead Bird" for Internet Sessions in mid-2010. Studio sessions for new songs began in December of that year. "Nothing Without You" and the final version of "Love in Black and White" were recorded in early 2011, both released on YouTube shortly after the Linden Place EP. Reworks of the EP songs "Beauty Is Empty" and "Using You" were recorded in 2012 for use on their cancelled second album. The 2011 Computer Show episode "What Do You Love?" was also filmed at the studio. Footage of "Love in Black and White" being recorded can be seen in the unreleased vlog, "Clips".