"Cabin Boyz" is a song written by Mars Argo as the theme song to a 2016 Headgum podcast of the same name, starring Matt Cohen and Shawn DePasquale. It is currently the only song released by Mars after her breakup with Titanic Sinclair, and the last release using her stage name. It does not feature any members from the Mars Argo band except for Mars herself.


Life is bleak, and things are bad
You can't trust your mom or dad
But here's a fix to save your soul
An audio adventure for the young and old

Shawn is a boyscout
He records every show
There's Matt who worships Satan
And pretends he's a hobo
The cabin is the nexus of a meta that we know
So watch these crazy boys go go go

It's the cabin boyz
They inherit a cabin, now they're making lots of noise
Fictional brothers for you to enjoy
Its the cabin boyz