"Ask Me a Fcking Question" is an episode of Computer Show, released on June 12th, 2012. It is named after a line in the video "Ask Me a Question". Throughout the video, the duo mentions being 'baked', but its bleeped out in each instance.


The episode begins with Mars and Titanic saying "You're stupid when you're sober!" before jumping into the air while a spiral appears behind them. Mars goes on Twitter to ask her followers to ask her a "fucking question", but ends up not wanting to post it because she doesn't like what she put. An acoustic instrumental version of "Open Up the Door in Your Head" begins to play as Titanic continuously asks Mars to read the tweet. Her phone screen shuts off before she can start to read it.

After posting the tweet, they sit and wait for a response. Eventually, someone asks them "If you could be one piece of clothing, what would you be?". Mars explains that she would want to be underwear, but she would prefer to be a girl's undies rather than a guy's undies.

Mars demonstrates having magical powers by making a rainbow colored heart ring appear on her ring finger. She and Titanic start reading diary pages, which are written as a story for the song "Open Up the Door in Your Head". Mars and Titanic end the video by smoking a joint, which is censored out with a circular mosaic. Mars afterwords does product placement for the 'Mars Argo bracelet' that was available on her store page.