"Art is Easy" is an episode of the Computer Show webseries, released on January 20th, 2011. This was one of the two episodes made to promote the Linden Place EP, along with "Do You Ever Feel Empty?".


The video begins with Titanic stomping into frame and asking: "What ever happened to predictability?". Mars responds by gargling, causing the both of them to laugh, with Mars' voice being visibly edited to a higher pitch. A brief instrumental clip of "A-Okay" is played during a shot where Tony Katai and Titanic's hands are covering the camera, before moving to reveal Mars dancing in the center of the frame. The ending features Tony laughing in a loud volume, before announcing his credit as the director of the episode.



  • This is the only episode where the intro title card for Computer Show does not appear, but the outro card does.
  • The "Welcome to our Computer Show" line isn't said in this episode.