Album Pick of the Week is an event that occurs near the end of some episodes of Computer Show. Mars and Titanic use this space to recommend an album they enjoy, for the viewers to listen to.

Unfortunately, this was a very rare occasion and has only ever happened a few times in the history of Computer Show episodes being released. Many episodes were likely either too short or went too off topic for an album pick to be presented.

"You Can Do This" is the only episode where a favorite song is stated off of the featured album. In it, Titanic states that his favorite song off of Blur's self-titled album is the lead single and opening track, "Beetlebum".

Featured Albums

Artist Album Episode
Michael Jackson Thriller (1982) [Titanic's choice] 06. "Culturally Relevant"
The Beatles Revolver (1966) [Mars' choice]
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) 07. "Over 9000 Years"
Blur Blur (1997) 26. "You Can Do This"