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Antonella 444
• 1/2/2018

Plan-ish type thing / idea?

I know i kind of just joined this wiki but i have an idea/suggestion. i have noticed that there are lots of pages missing for videos, songs, etc. Some are even referenced but link to an empty page. I think instead of edited older pages, we should work mostly on creating those pages that do not exist. Yes we should still edit the old pages, but we should put that as a second. Looking at the list of videos, the existing links are just sprinkled in randomly and it doesn't look very good as a wiki to have pages missing that have other pages pointing towards them. Winter break ends for me tomorrow so i will be on less, but i will continue to work on it. If making a page for a video, i suggest looking and working off the "Ask me a fcking Question" page, because it is a wonderful example. Not every page needs a synopsis, but once all of the missing pages are created, that would be another good project to work on. Just some ideas! Thank you! I love this wiki by the way, its very well done!
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Antonella 444
• 3/18/2018
This is a good idea c:
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